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Word family
in·stinct /ˈɪnstɪŋkt/ ●●○ noun [countableC, uncountableU]  
INSTINCTa natural tendency to behave in a particular way or a natural ability to know something, which is not learned 本能;直觉;天性 intuition
instinct for
 Animals have a natural instinct for survival.
instinct to do something
 the human instinct to form relationships
by instinct
 Birds build nests by instinct.
sexual/maternal/survival instinct /母性/求生的本能
 Her instinct told her that something was wrong.
somebody’s first instinct (=what someone feels like doing first when something happens) 某人的第一感觉
 His first instinct was to rush back to Isobel.
a deep/strong/powerful instinct
He bent down, obeying a deep instinct to protect himself from danger.
a natural instinct
I followed my natural instinct to run away.
somebody's first/initial instinct
His first instinct was to try and hide.
somebody's gut instinct informal (=someone's first instinct)
Her gut instinct about Jimmy had been right.
human instinct
It's a natural human instinct to comfort someone who is unhappy.
animal instinct
It's animal instinct to attack the leader of the herd when his strength begins to fail.
a basic instinct
The need to survive is the most basic instinct that we have.
survival instinct (=an instinct to survive in a difficult situation)
Survival instinct told me to get up and run.
killer instinct (=an instinct to kill, harm or defeat someone)
The team needs to develop the killer instinct.
competitive instinct (=an instinct to compete against others and try to win)
He now channels his competitive instincts into his job.
maternal instinct (=the instinct of a mother)
Kate's maternal instinct told her to pick the child up and comfort it.
political instinct
The minister's shrewd political instincts didn't let him down.
business/commercial instinct
I have faith in your business instinct.
trust your instinct(s) (also rely on your instincts) (=believe that your instincts are correct)
I've trusted my instincts in the past and they've usually been right.
go on your instinct(s) informal (=trust your instincts)
I just went on my instincts and refused his offer.
follow/obey your instinct(s) (=do what your instinct tells you to do)
You should obey your instincts when dealing with strangers.
have the instinct to do something
She had the instinct to see what made people unhappy.
lack the instinct to do something
He lacked the instinct to attack another human being.
an instinct tells somebody something
Every instinct told her that he was telling the truth.
Examples from the Corpus
Origin instinct
(1400-1500) Latin instinctus, from instinguere to make someone wish to do something
in·stinct nounn COLLOCATIONS1
LDOCE Online


ADJECTIVE | VERB + INSTINCT | INSTINCT + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEdeep, powerful, strong根深蒂固的本能;強烈的直覺gut本能pure, sheer純粹的本能Out of pure instinct, he moved back a little.純粹出於本能反應,他後退了一點兒。first, initial第一個本能反應;最初的直覺His first instinct was to run away from danger.他的第一反應就是逃離危險。excellent, good, unerring準確的直覺;無誤的直覺Against her better instincts, she ran back into the burning house to save her paintings.她不顧自己強烈的直覺,跑回燃燒的房屋去搶救她的畫作。He had an unerring instinct for when people were lying to him.他憑直覺就知道別人什麼時候是在說謊,從未錯過。base卑劣的天性;低級本能basic, natural, primitive根本的天性;天性;原始本能creative創造性的本能aggressive, competitive侵略的本性;爭強好勝的天性maternal, mothering, motherly, paternal, protective母性;父性;保護的本能fighting, hunting, killer, predatory好戰的天性;獵殺的本能;殺手的本色;掠奪的本性He plays well but lacks that killer instinct. (figurative) 他球打得挺好,不過缺乏那種拚殺的狠勁。self-preservation, survival自我保護的/生存的本能herd群居本能What makes all these people come to the club? In my view it's the herd instinct.是什麼原因讓這些人都來俱樂部呢?依我看來是群居本能。sexual性本能business, commercial, political生意/商業/政治直覺animal, human動物/人類本能VERB + INSTINCThave, possess具有直覺lack缺乏直覺develop, hone培養/鍛煉直覺In negotiating you have to develop an instinct for when to be tough and when to make a deal.在談判中必須練就一種直覺,知道何時該強硬,何時該妥協。follow, go on, go with, obey, rely on, trust聽從直覺;遵照直覺;依賴直覺;信賴直覺Why don't you just follow your natural instincts?你何不聽從自己的直覺呢?control, fight, ignore, overcome, suppress克制本能;與本能鬥爭;不理會直覺;壓抑本能satisfy滿足本能appeal to迎合本能They accused the campaign of appealing to the electorate's baser instincts.他們指責這場競選活動是在迎合全體選民更為低劣的本性。share共有本能Both superpowers shared the same instinct for self-preservation.兩個超級大國均有相同的自保本能。INSTINCT + VERBtell sb sth直覺告訴某人⋯Her instinct told her that she was being followed.直覺告訴她自己被人跟踪了。drive sb, guide sb直覺驅使某人/引導某人Artists have to learn to be guided by their instincts.藝術家必須學會跟從自己的直覺。kick in, take over本能發作/佔了主導Her instincts took over and she dived on the escaping thief.她的本能佔了上風,她猛地朝逃跑的竊賊撲了過去。be right, be wrong直覺正確/錯誤I've trusted my instincts in the past and they've usually been right.我一直信任自己的直覺,而且通常都是對的。PREPOSITIONby instinct出於本能Babies know by instinct who their mother is.嬰兒生來就知道誰是母親。on instinct憑直覺I acted purely on instinct.我完全是憑直覺行事。instinct for⋯的本能He has an instinct for survival in a tough job.他具有在艱苦工作中求得生存的本能。
instinct noun
instinct (know sth by instinct) idea2 (have a gut instinct)


instinct ♦︎ intuition ♦︎ sixth senseThese are all words for a natural ability to know or be able to do sth without being told, taught or trained. 这些词均表示本能、直觉。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配an instinct / an intuition / a sixth sense for sthan instinct / intuition that...to do sth by instinct / intuitionto have an instinct / an intuition / a sixth senseto rely on your instinct / intuitionyour instinct / intuition / sixth sense tells youyour instinct / sixth sense warns you instinct [uncountable, countable] a natural tendency for people and animals to behave in a particular way or to know particular things, even though they have not been taught or trained in that way 本能;天性His first instinct was to run away.他最初的本能反应就是逃跑。Children do not know the difference between right and wrong by instinct.儿童并非生来就会分辨是非。I acted purely on instinct.我完全是凭本能行事。Most people have a well-developed survival instinct (= the instinct of trying to protect yourself from danger).大多数人都有良好的求生本能。 see also instinctive natural intuition ˌɪntjuˈɪʃn; NAmE ˌɪntuˈɪʃn [uncountable] the ability to know sth by using your feelings rather than by considering the facts 直觉Intuition told her that he was telling the truth.直觉告诉她他说的是实话。Call it women's intuition if you like, but I knew he was up to something.就当是女人的直觉吧,但我肯定他在捣鬼。 see also intuitive natural ˌsixth ˈsense [singular] a special ability to know sth without using any of the usual five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell 第六感;直觉Some kind of sixth sense warned me not to stay there.某种直觉告诉我不要待在那里。
Skill, talent and ability: experience, ability, skill...

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