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BNC: 1914 COCA: 1382


Word family
gift1 /ɡɪft/ ●●● S2 W2 noun [countableC]  
1 GIVEsomething that you give someone, for example to thank them or because you like them, especially on a special occasion 礼物 SYN present
 The earrings were a gift from my aunt.
gift of
 a generous gift of £50
 The clock was given as a retirement gift when he left the police.
 expensive wedding gifts
 Enjoy a free gift with any purchase of $20 or more.
 This excellent cookbook would make an ideal gift for anyone just going away to college.
see thesaurus at present
In everyday English, especially in British English, people usually say present rather than gift: 在日常英语中,尤其是在英国英语中,人们一般说present,而不说gift
These were a present from my boyfriend.
a) a natural ability 天赋,天才,才能 SYN talent
gift for
 a gift for languages
 He was a kind man, with a gift for forming lasting friendships.
gift of
 She has the rare gift of being able to laugh at herself.
b) an ability that is given to you by God 上帝赋予的能力
gift of
 He was said to have possessed the gift of prophecy.
 the use of spiritual gifts
see thesaurus at skill
3 a gift British EnglishBrE informalCHEAP something that is easier or cheaper than you expected 比预料容易[便宜]的东西
 The third goal was an absolute gift.
4 gift (from God) something good you receive or something good that happens to you, even though you might not deserve it 上天的恩赐
 This opportunity was a gift from God.
Examples from the Corpus
5 the gift of the gab British EnglishBrE, the gift of gab American English informalTALK TO somebody an ability to speak confidently and to persuade people to do what you want 口才,辩才
 Jo has always had the gift of the gab.
Examples from the Corpus
6 be in somebody’s gift British EnglishBrE formalCONTROL if something is in your gift, you have the power to decide who it should be given to 决定权在某人手里,由某人决定
 All appointments to military and administrative posts were in the gift of the King.
Examples from the Corpus
7. never/don’t look a gift horse in the mouth spokenTHANK used to tell someone to be grateful for something that has been given to them, instead of asking questions about it or finding something wrong with it 白送的就不要挑三拣四,对礼物不要吹毛求疵
God’s gift to somebody/something at god(3)
give somebody a gift
We gave her a gift on her birthday.
receive a gift
He received a gift from his aunt.
accept a gift
Sam accepted the gift on behalf of the school.
make somebody a gift of something formal (=give someone something as a gift)
Johnson made her a gift of a book.
wrap (up) a gift
She had bought and wrapped gifts for children in hospital.
shower somebody with gifts (=give someone a lot of gifts)
He showered her with gifts and exotic holidays.
exchange gifts (=give someone a gift at the same time as they give you a gift)
We exchange gifts on Christmas Day.
a birthday gift
The camera had been a 21st birthday gift from his parents.
a wedding gift
Some people prefer to give cash as a wedding gift.
a Christmas gift
Before 1940, most people did not wrap Christmas gifts.
a free gift (=something that a shop or business gives you)
If you spend over £50, you get a free gift.
the perfect/ideal gift for somebody
This book is the perfect gift for anybody who’s interested in birds.
a suitable gift
What do you think would be a suitable gift for a 10-year-old boy?
a small gift
Here’s a small gift to show our appreciation for all your hard work.
a generous gift
Her colleagues presented her with a generous gift when she retired.
an expensive gift
He was always showering Louise with expensive gifts.
a lavish gift (=a large, impressive, or expensive gift)
She received lavish gifts of jewellery and clothes.
a parting gift (=a gift that you give someone when you leave/say goodbye)
She brought him a parting gift.
an unwanted gift
You can take any unwanted gifts to charity shops.
gift + NOUN
a gift idea
Here is another gift idea with children in mind.
a gift shop
The gift shop was well stocked with souvenirs.
Examples from the Corpus
gift2n verb [transitiveT]  
nto give something to someone as or like a present
gift somebody something
 The local team was gifted victory as their opponents made a series of errors.
gift something to somebody
 The painting was gifted to the nation by its owner.
From Longman Business Dictionary
giftgift /gɪft/ noun [countableC]
1something given to someone on a special occasion or to thank themSYN PRESENT
Sales of Christmas gifts are expected to grow about 20%.
gift adjectiveadj [only before a noun]
She has several years of experience in the gift business.
2MARKETINGsomething given free of charge to a customer by an organization in return for buying their products or using their services
Your free gift will be sent to you once your first month’s premium has been paid.
3LAW money or property given to someone with nothing expected in return. For a gift to be recognized by law, it must be clear that the giver intended to give it and that he or she did give it
Pension contributions or charitable gifts are deducted from pay for tax purposes.
You might want to make a gift of your whole estate to your partner.
business gift see also deed of gift
Origin gift
(1200-1300) Old Norse
BNC: 1914 COCA: 1382


1sth that you give to sb禮物ADJECTIVE | VERB + GIFT | GIFT + NOUN | PREPOSITION | PHRASES ADJECTIVEgenerous, kind, thoughtful (especially NAmE) 慷慨的/表示友善的/考慮周到的禮物Thank you all for your kind gifts.謝謝你們每一個人的禮物。expensive, lavish, precious, valuable昂貴的/豐厚的/珍貴的/貴重的禮物She received lavish gifts of clothes and perfume.她收到服裝和香水等厚禮。lovely, special, wonderful可愛的/特殊的/精彩絕妙的禮物perfect極好的禮物small小禮物free免費贈品When you place your first order with us, we will send you a free gift.第一次訂購將獲得免費贈品。birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, holiday (NAmE) 生日/聖誕節/光明節/節日禮物anniversary, Christening, graduation, parting, shower, wedding週年紀念日/洗禮/畢業/臨別/送禮會/結婚禮物an outfit that Aunt Marilyn gave as a baby shower gift瑪麗蓮姨媽在迎接寶寶的送禮會上送的一套衣服hostess送給女主人的禮物These little boxes make perfect hostess gifts (= for the hostess of a party, etc.).這些小盒子送給女主人作禮物很合適。monetary (especially NAmE) 禮金gag (NAmE) 惡作劇禮物unwanted不想要的禮物the problem of what to do with unwanted gifts如何處理不想要的禮物的問題VERB + GIFTbear, bestow, bring (sb), buy (sb), exchange, give sb, make sb, offer sb, present, send (sb)帶禮物給(某人);交換禮物;給某人禮物;贈送某人禮物;(給某人)寄禮物He arrived home bearing gifts for everyone.他回家時給每個人都帶了禮物。They gave each other gifts at Christmas.聖誕節時他們互贈禮物。She wanted to make a gift to her grandchildren.她想給孫子孫女們送個禮物。accept, get, receive接受禮物;得到贈品;收到禮物Please accept this small gift.請收下這個小禮物。The children all received gifts.孩子們都收到了禮物。wrap將禮物包好open, unwrap打開/拆開禮物GIFT + NOUNshop禮品店wrap禮品包裝紙card, tag禮品卡;禮品標籤bag, basket, box, pack, set禮品袋;禮品籃;禮品盒;禮品包;禮品套裝New customers will receive a free gift pack containing a selection of our products.新客戶將會收到裝有本公司精選產品的免費禮品包。a gift set of shampoo, soap and hand cream包括洗髮香波、肥皂和護手霜的禮品套裝certificate, token, voucher (BrE) 禮券;贈券idea禮物點子Here are ten great gift ideas for your friends.這兒有 10 個幫你選禮物送給朋友的好點子。tax禮品稅PREPOSITIONas a gift作為禮物Her parents brought a set of spoons as a gift.她的父母帶來一套匙子作為禮物。gift for給⋯的禮物There were gifts for all the children.有送給所有孩子的禮物。gift from⋯送的禮物This vase was a gift from my mother.這個花瓶是媽媽送的禮物。gift to給⋯的禮物The golf clubs were her gift to her husband.這些高爾夫球杆是她送給丈夫的禮物。PHRASESshower gifts on sb, shower sb with gifts贈送某人大量禮物


2natural ability天資ADJECTIVE | VERB + GIFT | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEamazing, extraordinary, great, outstanding, remarkable, special, unique, wonderful驚人的/非凡的/很高的/突出的/不尋常的/特殊的/獨特的/了不起的天賦his great gifts as a teacher他當教師的過人天分rare罕見的天分God-given, innate, natural, special天賦;與生俱來的才能;特殊才能artistic, musical藝術天分;音樂才華VERB + GIFThave, possess具有天賦PREPOSITIONgift for⋯方面的才華She has a natural gift for music.她具有音樂天賦。
BNC: 1914 COCA: 1382
gift noun
gift (a birthday gift) skill1 (have a gift for music)


gift ♦︎ present ♦︎ donation ♦︎ contribution ♦︎ tip ♦︎ gratuity ♦︎ handoutThese are all words for a thing that you give to sb, for example on a special occasion, to help them, or to say thank you. 这些词均表示礼物,馈赠品、谢礼。PATTERNS AND COLLOCATIONS 句型和搭配a gift / present / donation / contribution / tip / gratuity / handout for / from sba gift / present / donation / contribution to sb / sth£50 000, $10, etc. in gifts / donations / contributions / tips / handoutsa small gift / present / donation / contribution / tip / gratuitya large / generous gift / present / donation / contribution / tipa / an birthday / wedding / anniversary / Christmas gift / presenta cash gift / donation / handouta free gift / handoutto get a gift / present / donation / contribution / tip / handoutto receive a gift / present / donation / contribution / gratuityto send (sb) a gift / present / donation / contributionto leave (sb) a gift / present / donation / tip / gratuityto give (sb) a gift / present / donation / tipto make a donation / contribution gift [countable] (rather formal, especially written) a thing or a sum of money that you give to sb 礼物;赠品;礼金There's a free gift for every reader.每位读者均有赠品。The gift of love is the greatest gift a person can give or receive.爱是一个人可以给予或接受的最好的礼物。The party was originally funded by a gift of £50 000 from a top motor manufacturer.最初,一家顶尖汽车制造商赠送5万英镑资助了这个政党。 (BrE) All such posts are in the gift of the managing director (= only given by the managing director).所有这些职位都由总经理任命。 see also give give 5 present [countable] a thing that you give to sb, especially on a special occasion or to say thank you (尤指在特殊场合赠送或表示感谢的)礼物,礼品What can I get him for a birthday present?我给他送什么生日礼物好呢?NOTE 辨析 Gift or present? Gift is more formal than present and is used especially in business contexts: a store will advertise its Christmas gift ideas; the people who buy them will talk about the Christmas presents they have bought for family and friends. A present is usually given by and to an individual; a gift may be given by a company ( a corporate gift) and/or to an organization. A present is usually an object, but a gift may be a sum of money, or sth such as the gift of love/life. * gift比present正式,尤用于商务语境。商店作广告宣传的圣诞礼物创意用Christmas gift idea,为家人或朋友购买的圣诞礼物用Christmas present。present通常为个人赠送或收到的礼物,gift可以是公司或机构赠送或收到的礼物,如a corporate gift。present通常为物品,但gift可以是一笔钱,或另类形式的礼物,如the gift of love/life(爱/生命的给予)funded by a present of £50 000 She gave me the present of love. Especially in American English, however, gift is not always so formal and is sometimes used in personal contexts instead of present. 不过,尤其在美式英语中,gift不总是如此正式,有时会代替present用于个人场合The watch was a gift / present from my mother.这块手表是我妈妈送的礼物。 donation dəʊˈneɪʃn; NAmE doʊˈneɪʃn [countable] something that is given to a person or organization such as a charity, in order to help them; the act of giving sth in this way (给某人或慈善机构等的)捐赠物,捐款;捐赠I made a £200 donation to charity.我向慈善机构捐了200英镑。The work of the charity is funded by voluntary donations.这家慈善机构的运作靠自愿捐款资助。Organ donation (= allowing doctors to use organs from your body after your death in order to save a sick person's life) has not kept pace with the demand for transplants.器官捐献赶不上器官移植的需求。 see also donate give 5 contribution ˌkɒntrɪˈbjuːʃn; NAmE ˌkɑːntrɪˈbjuːʃn [countable, uncountable] a sum of money or sth that is given to a person or organization in order to help pay for sth or raise money for sth; the act of giving sth in this way 捐款;捐物;捐助He has made several valuable contributions towards the upkeep of the cathedral.他几次慷慨捐资修葺大教堂。Contributions of cakes and other items for the cake sale can be left in the school office.为糕点义卖捐赠的糕点和其他物品可以放到学校办公室。We rely entirely on voluntary contribution.我们全靠自愿捐资。 see also contribute give 5 NOTE 辨析 Donation or contribution? Contribution places more emphasis on the money or thing given being part of a whole, to be added to other amounts or things that other people have given. Contributions are often expected or asked for; donations are seen more as voluntary gifts. * contribution更强调捐赠的财物为整体的一部分,和他人捐赠的财物合在一起。contribution常为预期会得到或请求别人作出的捐助,donation更多为自愿捐赠。 tip [countable] a small amount of extra money that you give to sb who has provided a service for you, for example in a restaurant 小费(如在餐馆中给的)Are we supposed to leave a tip?我们要留小费吗?He gave the waiter a generous tip.他给了服务员很多小费。 tip


(-pp-) [transitive, intransitive] Did you remember to tip the waiter?你记得给服务员小费了吗?Americans were always welcome because they tended to tip heavily.美国人总是很受欢迎,因为他们往往给很多小费。
gratuity grəˈtjuːəti; NAmE grəˈtuːəti [countable] (formal) a tip 小费;赏钱Our employees may not accept gratuities.我们的员工不允许收小费。 handout ˈhændaʊt [countable] (often disapproving) money that is given to a person or organization by the government, for example to encourage commercial activity 政府拨款(如为了促进商业活动而拨给个人或机构)The company is currently thriving thanks to a £70 000 government handout.受惠于政府7万英镑的拨款,这家公司目前正在蓬勃发展。Handouts can also be given to people who are poor. * handout还可指派给穷人的捐赠品、救济品。 see also handout aid noun , hand sth out distribute
BNC: 1914 COCA: 1382
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