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goal /ɡəʊl $ ɡoʊl/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun [countableC]  
1 PURPOSEsomething that you hope to achieve in the future 目标,目的 SYN aim
 Your goal as a parent is to help your child become an independent adult.
see thesaurus at aim, purpose
In everyday British English, people often talk about what someone is aiming to do rather than talk about someone’s goal: 在日常英国英语中,谈论某人的目标时,常说be aiming to do,而不说goal
His goal is to set up his own business.He’s aiming to set up his own business. 他的目标是自己开公司。
2 DSthe area between two posts where the ball must go in order to score in games such as football or hockey 球门
be in goal/keep goal British EnglishBrE (=be the goalkeeper) 守球门
5 see picture at 见图 football
3 DSthe action of making the ball go into a goal, or the score gained by doing this 进球;进球得分
 I scored the first goal.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: something that you hope to achieve in the future 目标,目的
somebody’s main/primary goal 某人的首要目标
My main goal was to get the team to the finals.
nThe primary goal of the 1917 Revolution was to seize and redistribute the wealth of the Russian empire.
somebody’s ultimate goal (=what they eventually and most importantly hope to achieve) 某人的终极目标
The ultimate goal is a freer, more democratic society.
an immediate goal (=that you need to achieve very soon) 当下的目标
Our immediate goal is to cut costs.
a long-term goal (=that you hope to achieve after a long time) 长期目标
nThe organization’s long-term goal is to gain a strong position in the European market.
a short-term goal (=that you hope to achieve after a short time) 短期目标
nCompanies should not focus only on the short-term goal of profitability.
somebody’s personal goal 某人的个人目标
nThey had to sacrifice personal goals for their family life.
a common goal (=an aim shared by more than one person or organization) 共同的目标
nIran and Turkey shared common goals in their handling of the refugee crisis.
a realistic/achievable goal 可达成的目标
nStudents are encouraged to set themselves realistic goals for academic improvement.
nWe pushed for what we thought were achievable goals
an ambitious goal (=an aim that will be difficult to achieve) 艰巨的目标
nThe agreement set ambitious goals to cut greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.
na modest goal (=an aim that is not too difficult to achieve)
Don’t try to lose a lot of weight quickly; set yourself a more modest goal.
have a goal 有一个目标
She had one goal in life: to accumulate a huge fortune.
work towards a goal 向某一目标努力
We are all working towards similar goals.
npursue a goal
Have we gone too far in pursuing the goal of national security?
achieve/attain/reach your goal 达成目标
nShe has worked hard to achieve her goal of a job in the medical profession.
They’re hoping to reach their goal of raising £10,000 for charity.
set (yourself/somebody) a goal (=decide what you or someone else should try to achieve) (给自己/某人)制定目标
nIt helps if you set yourself clear goals.
nCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: the action of making the ball go into a goal, or the score gained by doing this 进球;进球得分
score a goal
Robbie Keane scored a goal just before halftime.
get a goal
It was great that he got that goal so late in the game.
head a goal (=score a goal by hitting the ball with your head)
Peter Crouch headed England’s equalizing goal.
make a goal (=help another player to score a goal)
Rooney made the goal with a superb pass to Saha.
concede a goal (=let the other team score a goal)
Arsenal conceded a goal in the final minute of extra time.
let in a goal (=let the other team score a goal)
Chelsea let in a goal in the 63rd minute.
disallow a goal (=not allow a goal to be counted because a rule has been broken)
The goal was disallowed for offside.
the winning goal
Berbatov scored the winning goal from just outside the box.
an own goal (=when a player accidentally puts the ball into his/her own net)
Dixon scored an unfortunate own goal against West Ham.
a last-minute goal
A last-minute goal condemned Fulham to a 0–1 home defeat.
an equalizing goal British EnglishBrE (=a goal that gives you the same number of points as your opponent)
A loud cheer went up as he scored the equalizing goal.
Examples from the Corpus
From Longman Business Dictionary
goalgoal /gəʊlgoʊl/ noun [countableC]
something that you hope to achieve in the futureSYN AIM
The Sensor razor is helping Gillette achieve its goal of getting new customers.
Our long-term goal is universal private education.
His goal is to open banks in 35 states by the end of the decade.
Origin goal
(1500-1600) gol limit, boundary ((1300-1400))


1(in sports) frame into which a ball is kicked/hit球門ADJECTIVE | VERB + GOAL | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEopen空門He kicked the ball into an open goal.他把球踢入空門。VERB + GOALgo in, play in守門;擔任守門員The goalkeeper was injured so a defender had to go in goal.守門員受傷了,只好由一名防守隊員來守門。PREPOSITIONin goal守門Who's in goal for Arsenal?阿森納隊的守門員是誰?


2point scored in a game比賽得分ADJECTIVE | VERB + GOAL | GOAL + VERB | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEbrilliant, excellent, good, great, spectacular, stunning, superb, well-taken (BrE) 漂亮的進球;出色的進球;精彩的射門;令人驚歎的進球scrappy, soft混亂中的進球;輕鬆的進球The fans were annoyed that the team gave away such a soft goal.球迷因球隊如此輕易丟球而窩火。decisive, winning決定性進球;制勝球equalizing扳平比分的進球important, useful, vital (BrE) 重要的/有用的/關鍵的進球own (BrE) 烏龍球Vega scored an unfortunate own goal when he slipped as he tried to clear the ball.維加想把球解圍時腳下一滑,不幸自擺烏龍。field (in rugby and American football英式橄欖球和美式橄欖球) 射門得分Two field goals gave the Tigers an early lead.兩次射門得分使老虎隊早早領先。penalty (in football/soccer足球) 罰球得分VERB + GOALget, score進球;得分kick (in rugby and American football英式橄欖球和美式橄欖球) 射門得分head, head in (both in football/soccer均用於足球) 頭球頂入make (in American football美式橄欖球) (in football/soccer足球) 得分Bahr made his fifth field goal of the day.巴爾今天第五次射門得分。 (in American football美式橄欖球) Visconti scored one goal himself and made two for Lupo.維斯孔蒂自己打入一球並為盧波助攻兩球。 (in football/soccer足球) concede, give away, let in丟球;失球;被攻破球門allow, disallow判進球有效;判進球無效The referee disallowed the goal.裁判判進球無效。GOAL + VERBcome from sb/sth (in football/soccer足球) 進球由⋯攻入The equalizing goal came from Cole.將比分扳平的一球是科爾攻入的。The second goal came from a penalty.第二粒進球是點球。 (in football/soccer足球) PREPOSITIONgoal against與⋯對抗They scored three goals against the home team.他們攻進主隊 3 個球。goal for為⋯進球his first goal for Spain他為西班牙隊打入的第一粒進球goal from⋯的進球A late goal from Owen won the game for Liverpool.歐文在比賽臨近結束時的一粒進球令利物浦隊贏得了比賽。 topic at sports


3aim目標ADJECTIVE | VERB + GOAL | PREPOSITION ADJECTIVEimmediate, short-term近期/短期目標Our immediate goal is to earn enough money to keep the business going.我們的近期目標是賺足夠的錢使公司支撑下去。long-term, ultimate長期/最終目標main, major, primary, prime主要目標;首要目標clear, explicit, specific, stated清楚的/明確的/具體的/闡明的目標ambitious遠大目標They have set themselves some ambitious goals.他們給自己確定了一些雄心勃勃的目標。modest適當的目標desirable理想的目標achievable, attainable, realistic可實現的目標;現實的目標unattainable, unrealistic無法實現的/不切實際的目標elusive難以達到的目標personal個人目標common共同目標We are all working towards / toward a common goal.我們都在為一個共同目標而努力。twin雙重目標The prison service pursues the twin goals of the punishment and rehabilitation of offenders.監獄要達到的是懲罰犯人和改造犯人的雙重目標。strategic戰略目標political政治目標VERB + GOALhave有目標It is important to have explicit goals.有明確的目標很重要。share有共同的目標define, establish, set (sb)界定目標;確立目標;(為某人)訂立目標pursue, strive for, work towards/toward追求目標;為目標奮鬥;為實現目標而努力achieve, attain, reach實現目標;達到目的PREPOSITIONgoal of⋯的目標their goal of providing free university education for everyone他們爭取讓所有人接受免費大學教育的目標
goal noun

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